If you’re new to Network Marketing and looking for ways to cut to the chase and figure out how to make a great income Right Now, or if you have been in the business for a while but tired of not getting any Results, then you have come to the right place.

So why is it that so many people fail at MLM?

Well, it is simple… nobody teaches the right methods of marketing.

So many people in the MLM industry fail just because their Upline does not teach them the correct methods they need to know to grow their business in the real world. With the Internet, it is not hard to grow an online business these days, yet so many people fail to use this leverage.

Today you will learn some of the most tested and proven methods to increase your downline and maximize your business’ growth.


Let’s get started …



#1. Become The Expert. No more 3-Way-Calls, No more edifying your upline, No more “I would Like To Introduce You To Mr. So-and-So.” You are now an Entrepreneur of your own Business. Therefore you are the expert in your field, so act like it! Begin to “Edify Yourself” starting Today.

To become the expert in your field you need to know your stuff. Do your research, know your products, and know your MLM company so that when prospects do come to you with questions, you will know how to give them a compelling direct response.

Become The Expert

#2. Stop Marketing Your MLM Opportunity! This may sound to be the exact opposite of what your upline is telling you, but trust me on this. A business opportunity is too hard to sell up-front.

Your asking people to invest their time and hard earned money into something they are not prepared for and they don’t know what the outcome may be.

Nine times out of ten MLM quality signups Do Not come from marketing your company’s opportunity. Selling the opportunity will cost you more time and money and cause people to drop out faster than they come in.

Stop Marketing Your MLM Opportunity

#3. Market Your Product. That is Right … By selling your product first you are generating your quality prospects, you are pre-qualifying those “quality prospects” (satisfied customers) into joining your business, and in return building yourself a downline.

However, … for you to build a successful Network Marketing business you will need to create Lots of Quality Signups. Don’t be discouraged … This Is Possible!

MLM success does not happen with 3 or 4 sign ups like your company tells you. You need to build your downline as if everyone was to drop out Tomorrow.

This is also why your MLM prospecting process has to be “Fully Automated, 24-7, seven days a week” and the best way to do this is via the internet, but we will get to this in more detail a little later.

Market Your Product

#4. Find A Person’s Need. To successfully get people to buy your product, and in return generate “Quality Prospects” you have to determine a person’s need and then “fulfill it.” To fill that need you have to know the benefits of your product.

One of the most important steps to building your MLM business is understanding the benefits of what you’re marketing. To get people to buy your product you need to know your products’ benefits … not the features … the benefits. The benefits are what sells the product; people want to know “What’s In It For Me.”

For example: Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Product “X”:

– Increases Energy Levels
– Anti-Aging Properties
– Improves Mental Clarity
– Lowers Cholesterol

Now, what you need to do is focus on one particular benefit, like “Increases Energy Levels,” and market your product towards people who are looking to “Increase Their Energy Level.”

Find A Person's Need

#5. Get A System. You cannot sell your products to hundreds of prospects by yourself. You need a well put together system that will combine all 5 of these methods together and make them flow, 24-7, non-stop.

This is the only true and tried way to build any successful Network Marketing Business online. This is why you need an automated system that will do all of this for you. “You need a system.” Whether you buy into one or create one yourself, it will become the life and bloodline of your business.

Get A System

This step is critical to your success. The few who are wildly successful in this industry making Thousands, and in some cases, Millions of dollars will tell you that they invested themselves and their business into a system that propelled their business to a whole new level.



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