Carpet Cleaning – Tough Market

It is one thing to try and create a reasonably viable business in this recession, but it is extremely hard if not impossible to enter a market that is not only saturated but has long term established business contacts and proven useful methods.


It is almost enough to scare the most hard-headed business entrepreneur away, but don’t fear just yet.

There are some ways to enter the market and have a fighting chance.

Be organized Be Ready

Lack of organization will bring you down to any business, but into a carpet cleaner, it will hurt you like no other.

Without the right stock and equipment, getting the job done is impossible, without the right business model the calls will not come, and without good staff with the right attitude, there is no hope.

Get organized, know the market you want to be in. Understand the cleaning processes that work the best and thoroughly practice your cleaning methods before you start.

stock and equipment

Practice make perfect, and a greenhorn makes mistakes in the clean carpet industry.

Service = Sales

Bad service is a recipe for disaster which is a good thing, mostly because that is just and fair, but for you, it means it is something you can work on and build your service skills. Good service equals sales in every industry, but you can bet that in a business where you are judged on the phone before you do the job, you can bet it matter more.

stock and equipment

Dress To Impress

Would you trust a dirty cleaner?

People may not always be smarter than they look, but you can almost universally bet that people are more judgmental than they look.

White is better. It is the least imposing color, and it puts people at a professional ease, my advice is to pick a different color logo on a white shirt background and wear white pants.

Conversely, black is the worst uniform color as it is intimidating and dark. There is a reason biker gangs wear black, and it is not for its sun-repelling qualities.

Business Fashion

Be Fussy

Two minutes of scrupulous attention can be the difference between a good job and an average one, so be sure to give it your full care and that way you can be proud of your work and act accordingly.

To conclude, do the little things right and be tidy. Make sure you get the carpet clean and pay full attention to the customer’s needs.

A carpet cleaning business can be a great thing.



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