How to Make the Most Out of Direct Marketing

You need repeat customers just like you need the new ones in your Internet business. The focus of most Internet marketers has been more on getting new customers than retaining and increasing the patronage of the old ones. This poor direct marketing mindset usually reflects in the content presentation and packaging of their website, where there are lots of information for the first time visitor, but little or no incentive for the visitor if he/she returns to the site in future.

There is a need to provide content that will entice and retain both the new and the old customers. In direct marketing, you have to make your website so compelling that your potential customers market your business further than you do.

Multi-Channel Direct Marketing

This is when you know you have a sustained business. Now how can you achieve this?

· Add some Personal Touch: the best way to do this is to provide information about your product. The information will have to be garnished with stories that will interest your prospective customer, something welcoming, something memorable and something that is imaginative. They need to see reality in what your company has to offer and not hype. With this, you have stood out unique in your direct marketing campaign.

Add some Personal Touch

· The feature stories and News factor. This is how the big wigs in direct marketing hold sway in their business. Interesting feature stories and news puts your business website above the nominal corporate information channel status, and tags your business as a responsible, responsive, useful and educative source of current happenings and genuine information. Of course, everybody wants to buy from the right source – people who know more than just selling, but also the trends in the industry.

feature stories and News factor

· Run a Newsletter on your website. Running a simple newsletter on your site is a very comfortable direct marketing way to distribute your product information, company news and make visitors know about the changes in your website. Using the newsletter system will help remind your one time visitors of the latest interesting trend in your business. They will sure want to know what this is all about and will come again.

Newsletter on your website

· Update your site. Add new features, stories, designs and give your site a bright new look. It will be very appealing if your one-time visitor, who was fascinated on his first visit, comes back and finds your site the same way it was when he last visited. These things tell your visitors of your continual presence.

Update your site

· Offer Internet specials. This is an excellent way to enhance the direct marketing success of your online business. Offer customers some special incentives to make use of your site. Things like sales contests, seasonal gifts, and product promotion enhance the results of your direct marketing campaigns.

Internet specials

The truth is that the competition is fierce. However, a light personal touch will stand you out as successful in the contest.


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