Personal Principles for Success:

Principles that Lead to a Successful Home Business
Passion: The secret of success of all the wealthiest people in the world is their excitement to reach their goal. To mention with an example, Bill Gates dreamt of seeing ‘a computer on every desk and in every home.’ This thought made him as the wealthiest man in the world.

Visualization: Think of achieving something and make sure what is that going to be! It can be a new product, an innovation from the present one or a yacht. Ensure that all can see it at this moment. Keep yourself open to get the predicted one.


Purpose (determination): You should have a definite purpose in the way of achieving something. It is the dedication for realizing the goal that paves the way for success. However, in a case of hindrances, it may lead to one of two ways, either a trivial thing or a chance to achieve your purpose.

Purpose (determination)

Commitment: The biggest difficulty in reaching your ambition is keeping you committed to that. It is the commitment that keeps track of things in order.


Faith: Your faith and confidence are the motivating factors that make you realize your goals. The trust that you are in the right direction takes you to achieve success.


Personal Development: You develop expertise and talent only if you keep on working to attain new skills. Also, it is the confidence that helps you in becoming the success. At a point of time, you can just think about your position, the values you show which gets transferred to others.

Personal Development




Business Success Principles:

Business Success Principles

Income Producing Activities: While doing business, bear in mind that ‘We’ should work for the firm rather than business working for us. Get rewarded for what you sow. Daily do the introspection of the ongoing financial process.

Mastermind with Business Partners and Other Leaders: Business Expansion is possible by attending such sessions. It can be accomplished by attending training calls, training events, or national and international conferences, shortly known as ‘The Law of Association’. Being together with the successful leaders and entrepreneur millionaires, you be on your way to achieving success.

Cultivate Leadership: Encourage new leaders to take positions and be sure that success cannot be made by pressure. Every person has his/her day to be successful in life. On that day they stand tall for their success. For all those, I work, I wish to enter into their real greatness on the first day of their business while it is a hobby if I did less.

Be Consistent: Maintain a standard procedure for your routine things and keep the distance from those disturbing forces that take you away from your business duties. Fix up a time every day to makes your business to function and don’t let distractions. Otherwise unavoidable, do non-productive business in non-working hours.

Be Persistent: Stay tuned to your decisions and targets. Being persistent in your decisions and in achieving your results keeps you on the strong track. However, make sure that the decisions you make are always yours without the involvement of others.

Set a Goal: Every journey starts to end at a point. Similarly, you should have a target to reach. Make a decision what will be that goal and keep a deadline for that. Think of disasters if you do not achieve that objective.

Mindset Success Principles:

Mindset Success Principles

Others first: Don’t expect anything. People do start the business for three reasons:

Independence to do things they like. It may be sparing more hours with family or doing things they like. They just cannot spare due to their job.

Low-income level to meet new needs. People always need extra income. It can be due to purchasing a new home or a new car or children’s education or due to retirement. Also, in some cases, it may be attributable to lack of satisfaction in the current job.

It may be possible in a way where people want a happy, fruitful and enjoyable life that is not feasible while working in the current job. It can be the case of ‘LIVE LIFE’ until death. For those who want to lead a credible life.

Irrespective of the reason, keep it in mind that our presence is for those who need some assistance to eke out an answer for their problems.

Be in Service to others: It is the personal development of our work that is making us as experts and skilled persons. Day after day we are refining ourselves. As we reach the Adobe, we need to pass on the learning to those on the next line.

Give more value based service to your customers and business partners than what they pay.

Bear this important thing in mind…it is unimportant who is reaching the top of the hill first. What is that important is how many people you accompany! It is this that defines that the ‘Leadership’! Follow these, and you will be the winner.


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