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I know the feeling—it can feel impossible to take an idea and conceive it was growing real and take action on it. I would become up with ideas all the time but not act because I did not believe I had the expert information, the money to make and promote products, or the skills to hire and lead people. I thought a new dialog that I read about a successful businessperson, along with my comments would be helpful in motivating you.

The following is an interview excerpt taken from a quintessential read, Trump University Entrepreneurship 101:

How to Turn Your Idea into a Money Machine by Michael E. Gordon. The interview subject, Tim McTighe, did not go to business school (or college for that matter) and did not have loads of his money to finance his ventures. However, he founded five successful tech companies, one of which Johnson & Johnson bought for $ 185 million. Through an interview with Gordon, he stated the following regarding the most important things an entrepreneur can do to break into a market and be successful (my comments in italics):

“Follow your passion, and trust the path you are facing. Nothing of any consequence happens without passion. Moreover, it is easy to become passionate when you believe that you are making a difference to the world and individual lives. The total joint products have had both clinical and business successes.”

Passion overrules everything. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you have a powerful positive intent for something, you will not just want to get something done for the money, but it is the right thing to do, and people will depend on you for doing. You know you have something when it is not about you anymore.

Passion overrules everything

“Develop extreme experience in your field. Put yourself in the position that your knowledge is sought after.”

Who says you have to get a degree in biology to launch a medical devices company? You do not need to be an expert because experts are all around you. What you need to do is immerse yourself in your niche and find out how things work, what people need, and what they are looking for.

“Seek and nurture mentors and door-openers. Show them your passion, capabilities, and potential. Otherwise, why would they waste their time?”

People often go into entrepreneurship because they do not take authority well in their companies. However, you still depend on door openers and decision makers. You rely on them to show you how to avoid mistakes and to give you money. Earn their trust, give kindness and usefulness to them and get knowledge and money in return. Don’t subscribe to the “self-made millionaire” myth. Not one millionaire is self-made. Their success all happened because they got the help of other door openers and mentors. Why reinvent the wheel by trying to go at it yourself? Instead, build upon others.


“Always think, evolve, be proactive, and keep moving forward. Ask yourself: ‘How can I improve on this?’”

What doesn’t grow, shrinks? What doesn’t develop, dies? You need to constantly immerse yourself in your business and your industry and figure out how to make things better. It is not like you become successful and then you plateau and get past all the problems. The more prosperous you become, the more problems come, and larger at that.

“Give back. I now mentor other young people: I run conferences for the Joint Implant Surgery & Research Foundation; I continue to develop better medical products.”

One of the primary reasons you should be starting your company (or undertaking any responsibility for that matter) is to contribute. Otherwise, why are you here? Learn to provide by offering superior products/services that add value to peoples’ lives and then help further by teaching others to do the same. Then your contribution in this world is compounded several-fold.


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